Gilmore Girls

Irff… vaatan ja irvitan.. juba sajandat korda samade asjade yle 🙂

Lorelai: “Wow,  Harvard is over 300 years old.”
Rory: “Yes, founded in 1636.”
Lorelai: “That means that almost everyone who’s ever gone to Harvard is dead now. Are You sure You still wanna go here?”


Lorelai bumps into her mother: “Sorry mother your brake lights were out.”

Lorelai: “This is amazing chicken, Mom. I mean it, really great.”
Emily: “Thank you, Lorelai.”
Lorelai: “It’s like super chicken. I bet it could fly. Have you tried tossing it out the window?”


Happy Lorelay: “I have to go pick my mother up from jail. this night just keeps getting better and better.”


Lorelai: “Where are you?”
Luke: “I’m about an hour from “If I lived here I’d blow my brains out.””
Lorelai: “Oh, I heard it’s nice there this time of year.”


Luke: “I’ve got a surprise for you in the bedroom. Close your eyes.”
Lorelai: “Oh Luke I’m not scared of it anymore!”


“Im writing a letter
i cant write a letter
why cant i write a letter
im wearing my green dress
i wish i was wearing my blue dress
my blue dress is at the cleaners
the germans wore grey
you wore blue
casablanca casablanca
such a great movie
casablanca the whitehouse bush
why dont i drive a hybrid car
i should really drive a hybrid car
i should ride by bicyle to work
bicycle unicycle unitard
hockeypuck rattle snake monkey monkey underpants”


3 kommentaari “Gilmore Girls

  1. Giannake, ma tahaks kangesti end maijooksule lubada…aga mis saab kui ma saan mingi ükspäev ette teada et ma ei saa tulla? kui midagi väga hullu ei juhtu siis pane mind ka vabatahtlikuks, ma usun et saan…

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